Saturday, December 12, 2009

The First Years of the First Age: The Fall of Rethren

As the Arch Demons fell Rethren built himself a kingdom. He stood here and ruled until his assassination by a political rival. He was a corrupt leader, selling his own people to slavery in barbaric lands that were still recovering from demonic rule. Scholars made great strides in these first few years, copying what was left in the Demons’ ruin. This should have guaranteed the Rethren Empire a place in the heavens themselves, but for their leader. He spent the treasuries of Rethren on drink and lustful endevors, importing consorts and whores for his own pleasure. Soon the people revolted and threw down the shackles of their oppressor. His name has been stricken from the records and no one to this day knows the name of the man who brought down the Empire.

The spring after the First Revolution, the quickly rising Yetereth Empire stormed the borders in hordes, slaughtering the poorly managed Rethren armies and claiming it as a province of its great new power. The people of Rethren would be subjected to the will of this powerful empire for many generations to come.

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