Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dagfar: Finding your way around the Capital

By:  Lost in the Void
                Dagfar is an interesting place to live.  Because it is so close to the Castle and filled to the brim with Nobles, remains a place of heavy debate and the head of Politics in the nation.  There is close to 150 000 people in the city and surrounding area, though the city’s wealth is centered around 10 000 of them, those people either Noble or of the Shop Caste.   Peasants rent from the Lords who charge them extreme rent prices keeping the peasants weak.  In the last three years a rebellion group known as the Shingites have taken the hearts of the common folk by storm as they advocate for equality.  Because of the extreme political turmoil it is always wise to avoid talking about politics openly in the street as it could warrant an arrest
                The city found it’s roots in the founding on the country Rethern.  Because the tribes were finally uniting under one banner, they needed a common city that granted now favour to any Clan.   This place was chosen for it’s idea location from each tribes major city.

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